Top 10 Plants for Preppers

American Native Bamboo:

  • Perfect for making hunting tools such as bow, arrows, spears, and fishing poles. You can line your property with bamboo and the poles will grow so thick a squirrel will not be able to get through it. You can use the poles for construction for shelters, ladders, canoes, or just about anything else you can imagine. You can get fibers to use as rope.

  • American Persimmon:

  • You can make medicine to treat fever to hemorrhoids, and you can make delicious treats with the fruit for your family to enjoy. The fruit is a favorite for deer to eat which you can hunt increase your meat stocks and make clothes or blankets from the furs. The wood from persimmon is super hard perfect for making hand tools or ax and shovel replacements.

  • Goji Berry:

  • The fruit from the goji berry is considered a super food because it contain 400 time the amount of vitamin c as citrus fruits, which will help keep you and your loved ones healthy. The fruit is used medicinally to treat a list of over 20 different ailments. The fruit ripen over a long time which makes it easier to store, and wildlife are attracted to the fruit allowing you to hunt vital wildlife.

  • Dogwood Trees:

  • Not only does the dogwood produce a beautiful white flower but the seeds that are formed after the flowers are a food source for over 32 different types of game birds including quail. The bark of the dogwood contain medical properties that are used in a tea that was used by soldiers in the civil war.

  • Loquat Trees:

  • If you have diabetes or a family member that has diabetes this is a must. Loquats container medicinal properties to treat diabetes which is great because it will be hard to store enough medications. Not to mention you can made wonderful jelly with the fruit and deer will be attracted the golf fruit that falls to the ground after ripening.

  • Pyracantha:

  • Pyrcantha produce razor sharp thorns on the branches and are use to growing up structures, perfect to use to conceal things and adding security. Firethorn produce bright red berries in the fall that wildlife eat and you will be able to hunt and increase your food supplies.

  • Blueberry Bushes:

  • Blueberries are high in antioxidants which have anti-tumor properties. You will be able to use the fruit in jellies, jams, juices, or freeze the berries increasing storage time. The fruit ripens in the spring allowing you fresh fruits early in the year and give wildlife access to fruit at a time in the year where food is scarce.

  • Weeping Willow:

  • Weeping Willow bark contains salicylic acid which is natures Aspirin. You can use the bark as a pain reliever, clean wounds, or make a tea to consume. You can take the bark and wrap around a wound to clean and ease the pain.

  • Pecan Trees:

  • Pecans are a heart healthy snack great to promote heart health when access to medications will not available. Pecans have a long shelf life and produce an abundance of nuts perfect for you an your family to enjoy but wildlife will get some too, increasing your exposure to fresh meat. Left over nuts are as good as gold and can be used to barter with, in recent years a pound of pecans sold for $10.00. It only take approximately 50 nuts to make a pound which would be easier to split than an ounce of gold if you are trading with a fellow Prepper.

  • Spanish Bayonet Yucca:

  • The name tells its all the leaves are named after bayonets, perfect for security. Plant these plants around the perimeter of your property and give yourself a first line of defense to protect from intruders, or plant around to the perimeter of your Prepper Garden to keep unwanted visitors out.

  • Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any plants that were left out and as remember, "Plant Like There's No Tomorrow".



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