Callicarpa americana - Native Shrubs for Survivalists

•  American Beautyberry, Callicarpa americana, is a native deciduous shrubs that is perfect for homesteaders, survivalist, and Preppers. You can find this beautiful shrub growing naturally in USDA zones 7 to 10, which can be easily recognized in the late fall to early winter by the bright purple clusters of berries produced. It is common to find beauty berry growing in a shady wet location usually at in bottom lands. There are three main reasons that you should be growing beautyberry in you survival garden, which are medicinal, food source, and wildlife attraction.

• Hunters are familiar with the low growing shrub as the vibrant purple berries, rarely white, are a favorite among birds. Birds and turkeys will be attracted during the fall and winter months to feast upon the large quantity of berries that are produced every year. While birds are attracted to the berries white tail deer are known to graze upon the foliage, which will attract deer spring through late fall when the last bit of foliage has been dropped for the year. Beautyberry gives you access to fresh meat such as birds and deer which can be hunted and prepared to feed your family, not to mention all the valuable uses you will find for the animal skins.

• Another minor use are using the berries to be prepared in human foods. Some of the best known jelly in the World comes from the berries of the beautyberry shrub. Humans are not known to eat the berries fresh as this would not be a valuable food source in this manner but once processed and cooked you will have the finest jam and jelly produced. You will never be able to find beauty berry jelly in a store but you can make your own with our recipe.

• Beauty berry also contains many medicinal properties. You can make natural insect repellent in either the form of a spray or cream to keep bugs away. Just think you will not have to buy or store bug spray if you are growing your own, plus what is healthier that not spraying chemicals foreign chemical on your skin? You can uses the leaves and bark to make a tea to treat various ailments from fevers to diarrhea.

• With American beautyberry you have access to many beneficial products which makes this a Prepper Garden must have plant for you and your family. If you would like more information you can visit our beautyberry webpage for plant growing specifics, planting guides and free recipes.

"Plant Like There's No Tomorrow"


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