Planting the Perfect Food Plot for Preppers

The human body is complex and needs many nutrients and vitamins in order to keeping going at a high level. Storing food can seem like a big task, but it can be conquered quite easily by growing renewable food sources. Most foods have a shelf life, and can be dried or frozen to help increase the storage time. Instead imagine freeing up space in your bug out bunker for other items like additional ammunition or medical supplies by supplying yourself with an abundance of fresh food year round.

Now is the time to plant permanent food plots for the purpose of attracting an abundance of wildlife to your property to help enhance your food stocks with fresh eats instead of MRE's. With the right plants selected for your food plot you will have no trouble attracting deer, turkeys, hogs, game birds, squirrels and many other animals that you can use to eat and store easing the burden of storing tons of food. Not to mention the skins that you acquire can be used to make clothing, or blankets for winter time warmth and the teeth would make great additions on bamboo arrows or spears. Wildlife plants are very beneficial to the prepper as you will find countless uses for the meat and by products.

When planning a prepper wildlife food plot it is vital to plan out year round food sources for the animal types your are attracting to your property. We have put together an extensive list of fruit, nut, berry, and other shade trees that attract various forms of wildlife. Persimmons drive white tail deer crazy because of the extremely sweet fruit produced in the late fall and holds on to the tree for long periods of time. White flowering dogwood trees produce beautiful flowers in the spring followed by red seed berries that over 31 different types of game birds find very appetizing including quail. Late summer and early fall you can use beautyberry to attract squirrels and deer to feed upon the vibrant blue berries. Goji berries produce calcium rich berries for 3 to 4 months out of the year from spring to fall and will feed wildlife over an extended period of time.

I believe that growing renewable food sources is a better solution for prepper food storage than attempting to stock pile tons of food for approximated set of time. You can hunt animals year round and will not have to worry about having enough food if you plan out a very extensive and abundant food plot that animals will die to graze upon. Proper nutrition is critical for human life and you can grow your own groceries and be your own butcher with prepper wildlife plants, for more information please check out our wildlife attracting plant webpage. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

"Plant Like There's No Tomorrow"


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