Chinquapin Tree Triple Threat Prepper Plant

  •  Finally, a plant that can be used for medicine, fresh  eating, and to bring wildlife such as deer to your property makes this an absolute top plant to consider in your prepping plans. Cherokee Indians have long used the leaves of the chinquapin to make a tea good for fever reduction, cough medicine, and headache medicine. The nut produced is in the chestnut family and has a deliciously sweet flavor perfect for breaking another Cherokee favorite Chinquapin Bread. If those aren't two good enough reasons to plant Chinquapins for you and your loved ones to enjoy during an apocalyptic event, then how about the wildlife that will be attracted to it, that you can hunt and provide delicious fresh meat to eat. Deer and turkey are two of the major wildlife animals attracted, growing plants that will attract potential food sources is more cost effective then trying to store enough food for the entire collapse period. Go ahead and put the ace up your sleeve by adding triple threat plants to your prepping plans. Visit Prepper Gardens for recipes on brewing the herbal remedy tea or to bake your own chinquapin bread and of course to purchase. As always, "Plant Like There is No Tomorrow."